Since the 1990ties, iSHONi is known as a accelerator for International Businesses and Lifestyle Providers. We are mainly active in the field of textiles, terry, leather, porcelain, carpets and in high-end UX design.

iSHONi was founded in the early 90's by Manuela Federica Krebser with the aim of offering "different" solutions in the merchandising sector.
These include not only the best qualities, but also very personalized objects and products that catch the eye. After all, advertising and company accessories should be allowed to be beautiful, and make ethical and human sense.

Contrary to conventional advertising agencies, the name iSHONi has established an international reputation in the world of design and creation. World-renowned brands have been working with iSHONi for almost 30 years. We advise and develop designs and products that have a proven international track record in the relevant customer segment. Our customers know this and highly appreciate not only our creative work, but also our punctual and transparent service.

In the meantime, our segment has expanded a lot. Besides our specialized digital design service, we offer a wide range of exclusive products and services. This includes among others textile corporate accessories, gifts, bath towels, high quality and exclusive porcelain collections, as well as carpets and rugs for bureau premises or hotels. We work accordingly with our large and very professional international team.

Green production:
According to our customers' wishes, we offer products that fully or partially provide proof of quality in sustainability, such as organic products, or products that have been produced with solar energy. Of course, our suppliers do not use any chemicals that are harmful to health or the environment.

And now we release you into the wide world of iSHONi: get inspired, and feel in yourself the variety of new ideas your company can think about together with us. We will be very pleased about our first, common conversation.

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