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2020 - Year of the Rat (Rosenthal - The Chinese Zodiac)

2020 - The year of the Rat

The "YULE-Season" is starting...

I got the chance to create this elegant, classical Christmas Dinnerware for Rosenthal. My inspiration has been the simple, natural Chrtistmas-Table Decoration made of branches of fir and berries, collected in these beautiful, snowy, northern forests we mostly know from fairytails. Combining just a red candle with this dinnerware, our chtistmas table will be festive and warm. (YULE is the swedish name for christmas)

Rosenthal - The Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac for Rosenthal大皿-オレンジ-径約18cm/dp/B075D6HRT6【德國羅森泰餐瓷】狗年生肖紀念品-戊戌萬事順‧/狗來福-居家旺旺旺-215003608.html

2019 - Year of the Pig ( Rosenthal - The Chinese Zodiac)

Rosenthal - THE PIG, Chinese Zodiac 2019




TISSOT entrusted iSHONi with the design of the new TISSOT LOOKBOOK. The new TISSOT Uniform for TISSOT employees was designed by Manuela-Federica, and illustrated in her well-known and elegant style. The TISSOT LOOKBOOK is available at the TISSOT headquarters as well as through regional branch managers.

Rosenthal Japan

イヤーアイテム(干支) 2018 Zodiac 2018
名だたる有名メゾンでのデザインで知られるManuela Federica (マニュエラ・
フェデリカ) がスイスにオープンしたデザイン・ブランド “iSHONi”。

Actual links about Manuela-Federica / iSHONi on Internetローゼンタール)-2018-干支-プレート18cm-P18/dp/B075DB8QH3【德國羅森泰餐瓷】狗年生肖紀念品-戊戌萬事順‧/

2018 - Year of the Dog (Rosenthal - The Chinese Zodiac)

Rosenthal - Murphy

【德國羅森泰餐瓷】狗年生肖紀念品 戊戌萬事順‧瑞犬報豐年

德國Rosenthal羅森泰餐瓷因應農曆新年推出的年度生肖系列商品,一直深受亞洲市場的喜愛,今年再度與瑞士知名設計師Mauela Federica (曼努艾拉.費德里卡)合作推出2018戊戌狗年生肖紀念盤,搭配18cm點心盤及馬克杯兩個同系列品項,一次滿足消費者自用、收藏和送禮的多項需求!

在中國年的十二生肖中,狗代表著優雅、快樂和友善。然而,狗兒更是家庭中的重要一份子,其特點是忠誠、奉獻、順從、陪伴與不離不棄。基於這些特質,iSHONi設計工作坊的瑞士設計師Manuela Federica為Rosenthal設計出一款以亮橘色為底,並以多處細節設計傳達出和諧、友好意義的狗年生肖作品–狗兒的脖子上戴著一條由天然木圓珠串成的護身符,上面一把鑰匙象徵智慧之鑰,水藍色與綠松石色搭配的皮串繩則讓人聯想到大自然力量風與水之間的互動與共生。環繞在周圍的裝飾符號,如螺旋圖案或生命之樹,則表達了宇宙萬物的浩瀚無垠與生生不息的生命意義,同時,也象徵了狗兒對於人類良善面的信任。大皿-オレンジ-径約18cm/dp/B075D6HRT6

AMBIENTE Frankfurt

Discover iSHONi - Rosenthal novelties at the Ambiente in hall 4.1, ROSENTHAL booth C50 / 51 or in the Rosenthal newsroom in the folder Ambiente 17 (pictures and news).

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Press Release: Rosenthal Zodiac Plate Year of the Dog/Design: iSHONi

In the Chinese Zodiac, the dog represents elegance, joy and friendliness. Mainly, however, it’s a family pet, characterised by devotion, loyalty and attentive communication. Based on these properties, the iSHONi Design Office has created a harmonious star sign plate for Rosenthal in vibrant orange. The playful side of the dog is depicted in the shape of an amulet made of natural wooden pearls which he proudly wears around his neck as a jewel, together with the golden key of wisdom. The water blue and turquoise leather straps are reminiscent of the interaction between natural forces such as wind and water. Decorative symbols around the edge such as a triple spiral or the tree of life make a direct connection with creation and the unfathomableness of life. They also symbolise the belief in the good in people which is one of the dog’s characteristics.


Signed Design-Agreement with the Brand OMEGA

  • Design of the new decorative metallic Facades ("Moucharabieh's") of the OMEGA Boutiques
  • Design of the new embossing of the OMEGA Leather Collections
  • Design of the new OMEGA Silk Accessories (Ties and Scarfs)
  • Design of the new OMEGA Store Displays