Manuela Federica

Manuela Federica Krebser is a Swiss/Italian designer for high end print designs, and the founder of iSHONi Design. She is the daughter of the writer Federica de Cesco.

At the age of 15, Manuela Federica received her first letter from Leila Menchari, famous Director of the "Service décoratif" at HERMES SELLIER in Paris who made her aware of her creative talent:
"What interests me in your drawing is the balance of the composition and the finesse of execution with, of course, the faintness and freshness". Continue to delight yourself in spite of the external demands, because this is what remains and what feeds your concern for Beauty".

Two very essential points characterize her creative work since her very early childhood: her love of the detail, as well as her love of harmony. The "detail" allows her to deal with depth, time, and purposeful expansiveness. The "harmony" allows her the balance, the combination of elements and the resulting perfection. From this exciting combination she creates designs that live from their emotional expressiveness and are able to touch the soul of the viewer through a mysterious spark.

Also her carpet collections have been published several times in magazines such as "Interior Design Magazine" and "HALI MODERN". "We are pleased to present the work of Manuela Federica," noted Alex Kima, Vice President of ABC Carpet in New York. She is a design luminary with remarkable creative vision and talent. This collection reflects Manuela's exceptional intellectual ability to blend contrasting aesthetics into harmonious works of art, said Kimia." (Press Release: "ABC Launches iSHONi Rug Collection") . "Her dedication to the rug design industry is unmatched. Manuela's design work is known worldwide and she enjoys the highest respect among her peers."

Manuela Federica speaks German, French, English and Italian.

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