iSHONi is a company with a sense of environmental and social responsibility

Meeting our needs without compromising the life of future generations has components such as environmental conservation, social responsibility, and economic development.

While sustainability often only becomes associated to environmental conservation, it is about people, plants and animals. We need clean air, healthy natural resources and a nontoxic environment.

Most of our textile products are controlled throughout the production process and in accordance with the principles of quality, environment, health and safety, sustainability, social responsibility and chemical risk management

We guarantee that our organic towels are certified, and that our business accessories do not contain or release harmfuls substances and meet the requirements of environmentally friendly textiles and our partners are constantly working on environmental progress.

Since we are ourselves an SME, we know about hurdles and challenges which economic pressure places on us. It’s our customers who help us to stand it and by working with other SMEs and family businesses we like to help secure jobs. Many words and appearances are not our style. Our marketing is real as it is the products and projects what we are entrusted to realise for our clients, and we hereby like to thank them.

Our contribution in terms of sustainable development (SD) where we actively contribute are: no poverty, good health and well-being, gender equality, clean water, clean air, decent work and economic growth, innovation, women in businesses, sustainable production, respect towards small businesses, peace, as well as equal partnerships.

We offer our customers a human, honest, qualified and personal service.

Manuela Federica Krebser