DESIGN FOR A BETTER PRODUCT - For more than 25 years, Manuela Federica Krebser - daughter of famous novellist Federica de Cesco designs specific marketing accessoires & gifts such as corporate scarfs, ties, poschettes, porcelain and beachtowels for brands, companies and hospitality, as well as for the retail - market. A good price-performance-ratio, creativity and important efforts in terms of sustainability allows her to realise "high-quality corporate products". Manuela Federica's name is known internationally. Her good understanding of the product and its specification as well as her creativity is recognized by worldwide famous references. iSHONi helps the client to better understand his product.

Manuela Federica was supported by Leila Menchari (HERMES). She designed for NESTLE the collection "NESTLE-THE WONDERS OF THE WORLD" and realised collections for the ACROPOLIS MUSEUM in Athens/Greece. She also created the design RANDOM for OMEGA and the MOUCHARABIEH of the OMEGA Boutique at Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris. OMEGA invited her to be their official supplier for ties & scarfs. Manuela Federica also designs for german Porcelain Manufacturer ROSENTHAL who entrusts her the creation of the “CHINESE ZODIAC" as well as the christmas dinnerware YULE. iSHON is "the persoanlization of the atmosphère and the service through a study of the product and its accessory".

She also created the TISSOT LOOKBOOK. iSHONi is a partner of the INTER-NATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE for scarves and ties, where sustainability plays a key role, as iSHONi scarves are predominantly made using solar energy. Manuela Federica Krebser Rugs became internationally known from 2002, when her collections became yearly selected to adorn the FLOORFORUM at the DOMOTEX - Show in Hannover. From 2008 to 2012, Manuela-Federica was living in New York where she designed rugs for ABC CARPET&HOME. Her work has been repeatedly presented in magazines such as Interior Design Magazine and HALI MODERN. iSHONI blog